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Pink Ink

Congrats Tom Bancroft, the new owner of this original piece.

This was an idea for a children's book about an entrepreneurial young girl named Pink. She decided, against her parent's wishes, to open her own tattoo shop in the backyard shed.

In the story, she became an overnight success, which inspired the other neighborhood kids to open their own underground tattoo parlors. This triggered an all-out inking brawl of misfit, unlicensed kids who inked horrible designs on people all over their town.

As you can imagine, the idea didn't fly with publishers. I was told it'd never pass the parent test. Since parents are the ones who actually buy kids books. I mean, come on, parents, what could possibly go wrong? Was it the part where Pink used her little sister's arm for practice?

Bancroft, I hope you enjoy this memory. I'd better see this one framed! Original art is forever.

I'm giving away 5 pieces every Friday until my stash is gone.

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