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The Poster Series: Your idea could win you a free poster!

For my next series, I’m making 5 posters - all digital - with iconic phrases/words of wisdom. I’m not a big fan of the ‘hang in there it’s almost Friday’ posters. (But if that cat hanging on a branch works for you, no judgment here;)

I’m looking for those memorable quotes that resonate. Ones that have hit you square in the heart, at the right time in the right place. My first one, “Done is Better Than Perfect,” is being printed now and has a fun story I’ll share next week. Here's the 30-second maker video:

So, what are some of your favorite go-to quotes or phrases?

The standard I’m setting for these: the quote needs to be useful. Practical. My goal is to create posters that people can use daily. You know how a mirror is useful? That’s what we’re competing with here, people!

Imagine looking at the area where you do your best deep work. There's a poster on the wall… what does it say?

Lay it on me. If it makes it into the final 5, I’ll send you a signed, limited edition fine art print on archival paper! Sound good? If several people submit the same quote, the freebie goes to the first who mentioned it.

Good luck and thanks for playing.


DIBTP - Tom LaBaff


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