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crop of my first NFT

This is a continuation from my newsletter. To call what’s happening right now in the fine art market, ‘a disruption’ is like saying the pandemic is ‘a bother.’ Think of a Venn diagram where you have 5 overlapping markets. There’s the

+digital art technology +cryptocurrency +investing/trading/collecting +marketplace +music/sports

It’s absolute mayhem right now at the intersection of technology and art. And it’s as exciting as when I first heard the sound our modems made when we had dial-up internet:

It’s too early for me to say much more about it. You might have heard things about this space? Things like it’s a bubble looking to be popped, minting NFT’s are bad for the environment, trash art, non-fungible tokens (NFT), and what’s a Beeple? There’s already an entire anti-crypto art movement on the socials that are shaming artists who are exploring this new space. This behavior alone is driving massive interest to the emerging market. Mark Cuban, Gary Vee, and many other entrepreneurs have put in their due diligence. What’s their take?

It’s as revolutionary as the internet itself.

But just know this. It’s a gold rush at the moment, and many people are going to try to sell you pickaxes. DYOR (do your own research). For artists, you owe it to yourself to look into this.


2-Behind Her Eyes. This show is crazy good. That’s all I’m gonna say. There’s a lot of competition for your eyeballs these days, and this series is worth every second of your time. Here’s a trailer, if you must. But I’d recommend just start with ep 1.


3-Mike Birbiglia’s podcast is called ‘Working It Out,’ where he chats with comedians about making their own jokes funnier. I learned what a tag is. It’s like putting a hat on a hat, but inthis case, the extra hat makes the whole thing look better. His site with podcast episodes. ******

4-My story lessons seem to be getting some love over with the LinkedIn crowd. I challenge myself to see how much I can teach in 60 seconds. Here’s the latest one about better staging.

That's it til' next week. Cheerio



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