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Congrats to Kristy P., the new owner of this original artwork.

Back in October, I began giving away art I did in my younger days. It’s incredible how much I remember what was happening around the time when I did these.

I remember doing this airbrushed piece just after I left my Disney internship. At the time, some good friends of mine (Amy and John S.) knew I was about to become a starving artist, so, feeling sorry for me, they let me live in a little house they owned in Clearwater, Florida.

The best thing: the house was rent-free, and it was all mine! Very different than sharing an apartment in Orlando with 5 dudes (one that shed like a dog. Love you, Brian B). The worst thing: it was in a crack neighborhood. But I didn’t care. I was on my own, living the life of an independent artist.

My first night in Clearwater, I remember lying on the waterbed staring at the exterior walls. The wood rot was so bad, I could see THROUGH the walls. The street lights would shine through. Rats, mosquitoes, squirrels, snakes would come and go as they pleased.

I did this self-promo piece to prove to ad agencies I could do product illustration. And probably because I was hungry. It ended up getting me my first freelance advertising gig, which paid $500. That money stretched for months! You know how much ramen noodles you can buy with $500? LOL

Kristy, thanks for bringing me down memory lane, and I’m glad this piece found a home with you.

If you’re an art collector and want in on this free giveaway, get on my list! 5 original pieces of art every Friday. Original art is forever!



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