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I guess it'll work. Is this the best, fastest way?

Wait, is this how I'm supposed to write every post?

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I’m making 5 posters for my next series, and I’m asking for your input. If I end up using your suggestion, you’ll get a free signed print and an original sketch from my attic archive! A bunch of good quote suggestions came in since last week. Here are the runner ups. What do you think?

Got something better? Feel free to reply with any other quotes. I’m looking for:

+Ones that seem to bring out the BEAST in you.

+Ones that make the world feel like your oyster.

+Ones that might help put current events into perspective.

Done Is Better Than Perfect’ is the first poster in the series and is getting printed now. We’re dealing with a gold foil technique that needs special attention.


Fishing usually amounts to me flapping around in a kayak for 2 hrs with nothing to show. But every once in a blue moon, it works magically. This snook was landed (and released) in about 8 minutes. From office window, to the dock:


I’ve been making these little videos to keep myself motivated to go to the gym. A couple people said they like 'em, so in case you need a push, here you go.


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