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I guess it'll work. Is this the best, fastest way?

Wait, is this how I'm supposed to write every post?

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This is the continuation from my newsletter for April 14, 2021.

2-Movie recommend: Nobody. It’s violent. It’s funny. It's great. It’s got the guy from Better Call Saul. Here’s a trailer. Very John Wick-ian.

3-If laughter really is the best medicine, lemme prescribe this story from The Guardian about favorite comedy podcasts. Depending on your sense of humor, read these descriptions to find what’s best for you and your ailments. Here's a quick list:

+The Dollop

+Hey Riddle Riddle

+Dear Joan and Jericha


+Conan Needs a Friend


+Unhappy Hour

+My Dad Wrote a Porno

+Dead Bodies

+Nosy Neighbors

+This Is Important

+Don’t Ask Tig

+Birbiglia’s Working It Out

+How Did This Get Made?


+A Very Fatal Murder

+Jenan’s stand-up snippets

Art Giveaway- I shipped off this big watercolor to Mike in California this week. I remember having a similar feeling while holding my daughter and stepping into the Atlantic Ocean. You can tell I was heavily influenced by Rockwell/Homer. And still am! Enjoy your new piece Mike.

Gymspiration: Warm up:

Cheers! TL


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