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On the set of Mank

This is a continuation from my newsletter:

My sister Colleen worked as a hair stylist on Mank which is in the running for an Oscar this year. Gary Oldman plays the boozy screenwriter Herman Mankiewicz as he tries to finish Citizen Kane. Directed by David Fincher. Here’s Colleen touching up Amanda Seyfried on set. Amazing photo above by Gary's wife Gisele.

I Care a Lot - Marla Grayson

Remember the bat-shit crazy chick from Gone Girl? Rosamund Pike is baaaack as Marla Grayson in I Care a Lot. The year is young but I’ve gotta say, this film is in my top 10 so far. Peter Dinklage plays the baddie.

I gave away this little piece last week that was done for a story about bullies. Which reminded me of my first bully encounter:

Snow Bullies

It was a snowy morning in upstate NY. There were the public school kids. And there were the Catholic school kids.

And never the twain shall meet.

I’m the youngest of four, and since we only lived about a mile from Sacred Heart Catholic School, we LaBaff’s were all ‘walkers.’ On occasion, I used to walk to school solo. Hey, it was a small town. T’was back in the day when we only had one serial killer, Charles Manson. And he liked female actresses, so I was fine? I mean, come on, I was a mature 3rd grader at the time. I could hold my own.

Sometimes I crossed paths with a trio of brothers who went to Earl Nightingale, the public school. No biggie. It was typical bullying: pushed me down, threw snowballs at my head, called me names. But it was annoying and made me dread going to school. And I loved school at that age!

So there I was, headed off to another day of school, walking down our driveway when I heard, ‘hold up.’ It was my older brother Bobby. ‘I’m coming with ya.’

I thought, ‘Wow, my very own bodyguard!

I told him the encounters usually happened in a parking lot where plow trucks made huge snow piles. They were scattered all over. To me, it was Normandy Beach. Bobby ran ahead and snuck behind one of the snowbanks.

Sure enough, as I walked my 3rd-grade self across the battlefield, the 3 bully-brothers appeared and started taunting me. Then, over their shoulders, like a White Walker from Game Of Thrones, my bodyguard appeared.

The rest was a blur. But I do remember kneeling on one of the kids chest, cramming snow down his hoody jacket. I guess I thought that was pure torture at the time. I remember the smell of the kid’s bad breath as he screamed.

Revenge is a dish best served cold. Bobby, my White-Walker-body-guard, if you’re reading this, you’re still my hero.

60 Second Story Tips - Run!

On the flip side of my modern art, I also work in the movie biz. Here’s episode 3 from a lightning round series I’m doing: 60 second animation storyboarding tips. ‘Put more fun in your run.’

TikTok - Tree in the Wind

The week is not complete without experimenting with a TikTok video. Sometimes just a palm tree in the wind is all you need.

And the un-cropped pic of Amanda by Gisele:


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