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With all this chaos happening you might be thinking of bailing on a project. But when I hear the advice 'never give up,' I think it should come with a massive disclaimer, like how the FDA lists the potential side effects on prescription drugs.

We all know it takes grit to pull off a big challenge, but knowing when to persevere and when to call it a day is one of the biggest mysteries with relationships, business, sports, and life.

So should you quit? I think the key is awareness and objectivity. Einstein's definition of madness is 'doing the same thing over and over but getting the same results.' Savvy Artists and crazy people share the same bed, but only one knows how to step back and assess.

James Clear has 3 ways to step out of the straight jacket and judge if it's time to pull the ripcord or not:

+Record your process

+Measure your outcomes

+Review and adjust your tactics

If you don't record and measure your efforts, you're drifting at sea without a sail. Review and adjust is the key.

It takes all kinds of crazy to win in this world. If you're like me and you're hell-bent on achieving a goal, GO FOR IT! Your tenacity is rare and valuable, but MUST include time to review and improve.


#productivity #hustle #goals

art: Tom LaBaff


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