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When this crisis hit, I was surprised at how quickly some animation studios adapted. They switched to ‘solution mode’ immediately and didn’t get paralyzed with fear.

Maybe it’s because animation production is inherently a solitary art form. We are nimble. We like to draw and paint in the dusty basement, attic, or garage. Admittedly, it’s strange to have meetings with directors at their kitchen table while kids dart by in the background, half-trying not to be seen.

Some results are starting to trickle in. It appears people who shelter in place do so with their gaming consoles nearby. Look at what these gaming studios are reporting:

+Blizzard says the recent release of “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” has crushed all other of their previous COD sales.

+Electronic Arts latest quarter revenue grew 12% from last year.

+Nintendo annual profits surged in their fiscal year report to more than 41%

I know we’re far from being out of the weeds. The unemployment rate is shocking, but I hope it will be short-lived. One takeaway I think we’re learning from this anomaly event is that we all must have a ‘COVID-like’ contingency plan.

How are you adapting to the lockdown? What has surprised you about the niche you’re in?

Stay safe y'all.



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