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Woot woot!

It’s been a minute. Today: vacation news, a few things worth your time, and a TOP SECRET weekend project happening at Tom LaBaff Studios.

Let’s go!

We had a blast spending quality time with the fam in upstate NY this summer. We celebrated a farewell to my dear momma. Here’s a video that makes me tear up every time I watch it.

Usually, a big family function like this always involves some spats or a feud, or I say something I regret later - but not this time! Every minute was absolute bliss. This TikTok video was what the river looked like when we arrived.


Three things worth your time:

1+ Watching: The Morning Show with Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston on Apple TV. Remember the Matt Lauer me too moment? A huge cast of A-list actors. Watch the trailer here.

2+ Listening: Whiskey Ginger podcast with Andrew Santino. Stand-up comedian, actor, Irishman. If you’ve never listened, start with this episode featuring J.B. Smoove from Curb Your Enthusiasm.

3+ Inspiring: The values in this trippy artwork from Anna Park.


The Weekend Project - Bad Crypto Podcast!

So there are a couple gentlemen who hit it big with bitcoin in 2016 and are now living a boujee lifestyle in Puerto Rico. Travis Wright and Joel Comm host a news show about crypto, focusing on the carbon-neutral, environment-friendly Wax blockchain.

As a gag gift, I made them into this Meebit-style character. They liked the idea of adding caricature and likeness so much that now we’re doing a spin-off project together called Bad Bits that will be part of Travis’s new show called The Epic Shit Show. It’s too early to announce his first guest (hint: a viral rapper), but I’ll be creating original Bad Bits for each special guest.

More details to come.

Happy Humpty-hump



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