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I guess it'll work. Is this the best, fastest way?

Wait, is this how I'm supposed to write every post?

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Results are in from last week's survey. The people's choice was...

Bloom where you are planted

Submitted by Linda W. who'll get a free signed poster. Thanks girl! These 3 tied for second place. Short and sweet seemed to be the theme:

I shut my eyes in order to see - Paul Gauguin

No pressure, no diamonds

Never pet a barking chicken

The Gauguin quote was suggested by Mags Hobbs, who dropped by my studio. She showed up with a bulging sketchbook. Look at this thing! I call it the 'hoagie.'

Mags happens to be an artist who makes stunning acrylic paintings. Thanks for the suggestion Mags.

If you have a quote you'd like to see made into a poster, send me your suggestions. If it makes it to print, you'll get a signed poster - on the house.

Soon, I'll be finishing up on Ivandoe. A fun little show I've been working on the past few months for Cartoon Network. The nature of these productions doesn't allow showing actual production work, but I can share this. It's what happens on the flip side of Tom LaBaff Studio.

And here's the survey results.


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