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This is the continuation from my newsletter:

Mitch Griffiths

On Face the Truth podcast, oil painter Mitch Griffiths talked about his creative process. Super down to earth dude with a ferocious appetite to master his craft.

painting by Mitch Griffiths

Billie & Finneas

For a 19 year old mega superstar, Billie Eilish is shockingly grounded. Her and her brother Finneas were on Smartless with Jason Bateman and Co. She has some interesting stories about her music inspiration. I didn’t know her parents (Maggie and Patrick Baird) were both actors, most well known from X-files and Ironman respectively.

This Photo by Dan Balilty

I’m betting that this photo makes it into the top 10 photographs of 2021. Dan and writer Patrick Kingsley tag-teamed a piece for the NYT about how the devout Jewish community is being affected by the pandemic. (by the way, you need a NYT account to read that special piece above) I mean, does this pic look like a Caravaggio or what?

Search Party

When Steph and I started watching Search Party in 2016, we never thought it’d evolve into such a bizarre story. And here I thought it was just going to be a show about twenty somethings living in NY. The way they bounce tone from dark to funny is fascinating. Here’s drawings I did of Dory and the gang from season one.





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