Frequently Asked Questions

When will my order be shipped?

Every Monday and Saturday we ship USPS. They say it should arrive in 3-5 days anywhere in the continental U.S.


Sorry, not at this time. I plan to soon!


What do you charge  for shipping?

The posters are a flat rate of $6. For the big canvas prints, the shipping is baked it into the purchase price. 

What payment methods are accepted?

PayPal and most major credit cards.


If I don't receive my package?

USPS has a tracking system that's never given us a problem and if your shipment is marked as 'delivered' but gets stolen, we are not responsible. BUT, if it gets lost in transit we'll send you another one right away.


I opened the package and it's damaged. What up dog?

You didn't order damaged goods! And I'll make sure to exchange it with a new one, or give you a full refund. Just send a photo of the damage, and I've got your back.


What's your return policy?

I want you to have the best customer experience with my art products, so if you have any problem, contact me and we'll solve it.  Returns are determined case by case. Buyer is responsible for return shipping.


If it says 'out of stock'?

My prints are limited edition to make them special and scarce so if it says 'out of stock' - they're gone! But sometimes I make new print runs with a new color palette. So contact me if this happens and I'll fill you in. 


Where are the prints made?

Created, designed, printed, and shipped right here in Vero Beach, Florida.